Wish You Well – August 2020

Wish You Well – August 2020

Stand Atlantic – Eviligo

In need of a pop-punk Summer driving song, instead? You’ve came to the right place!

From their recently released second album ‘Pink Elephant’, ‘Eviligo’ is an absolute standout. Honestly, I have no idea what what the portmanteau ‘Eviligo’ actually means (and apparently the Internet doesn’t either), but that doesn’t matter in the slightest. The Australian outfit are a force to be reckoned with in the long run, and Bonnie Fraser’s vocals are absolutely hypnotic across both this song, and the new album as a whole.

If you’ve not heard of Stand Atlantic before, go and give them a listen.

Evanescence – Use My Voice

Another month, another single that knocks it out of the park for the Evanescence team. I mentioned last month that Evanescence is a group that knows how to evolve whilst staying true to their original bases; once again ‘Use My Voice’ is a perfect example of this.

A slow piano intro is followed immediately by classic heavy Evanescence, amplified by Amy’s legendary high notes. The song itself is about using your voice and being heard, not matter what people throw in your face, be it a physical weapon, or lies in the form of words. In these trying times of political, racial and social unsettlement, your voice is one of your most powerful tools, and its strength should not be underestimated.

Creeper – Four Years Ago

Usually on every Creeper release, they mix things up a little, and the main vocals are provided by the ridiculously talented Hermione Greenwood. ‘Four Years Ago’ follows in the same stylistic vibes as ‘Paradise’, but is a lot more mellow and emotional.

Its story is that of someone in a previous relationship – about ‘Four Years ago’ – and how that person, to me, hasn’t really gotten over it. It’s a sad song, in ways, but it’s beautiful. I can imagine this song playing in a sad montage in a comedy film. As part of the overall album, though, it fits in exceptionally well.

Smith & Myers – NOT MAD ENOUGH

Brent Smith and Zach Myers make up half of the amazing rock band Shinedown, but their side project is a different animal compared to the Shinedown behemoth that tours the globe. S&M produced two EPs in 2014, all acoustic covers of very popular songs ranging from Bob Dylan to Metallica to Adele. Their raw, real sound provides a very laid back atmosphere to just sit back and enjoy music in.

This time around, though, the boys have released some original tracks for their debut LP, ‘Volume 1’ and ‘NOT MAD ENOUGH’ is an absolute beast. It’s another recent track that gives commentary and thoughts on recent worldwide events, specifically the BLM movement’. Once again, I don’t think I’m particularly qualified to pass much commentary or opinion on this matter, other than this – if you can’t treat human being with respect, if see others as inferior, if you can’t understand that things have to change, and you’re not willing to help those who are in need, then you’re not welcome around these parts.

PVRIS – Wish You Well

‘Use Me’, PVRIS’ third album, was finally released this past Friday (28th August) after having being delayed twice – with very good reason, though – once due to COVID, and once in order to funnel more attention towards BLM protests. Alas, it is now amongst us, and it’s a wonderful collection of songs.

The closer of the album, ‘Wish You Well’, is one of the many ‘bops’ that are extremely prevalent across PVRIS’ catalogue, and this one bases itself around a simple story of being broken up with, and despite everything, wishing the other person well, even if they don’t really don’t deserve it. In the end it’s just about letting them get on with it, and being the better person, and even if it’s not within the confines of a breakup, we all know of situations that warrant that kind of response.

If you’ve not yet, check out PVRIS and ‘Use Me’.

Another month, another bunch of tracks. As of writing, there are songs already queued up for September’s post! Despite everything in 2020, the love of music has really carried most of us through the dark times that we’ve faced as a species, as it will do for centuries and millennia to come.