California’s Burning – July 2020

California’s Burning – July 2020

Heathers Cast – Candy Store

You’re probably sat there thinking ‘Jake, what a strange choice’, and you’d be    absolutely right. BUT, this month I managed to sit down and watch the original ‘Heathers’ film for the first time, which was a weirdly wonderfully macabre experience. Winona Ryder is an absolute marvel for the whole film, and if that isn’t reason enough alone to watch it, I don’t know what is.

In honour of that experience, the West End recording of the sass-saturated ‘Candy Store’ makes this month’s list.

Heathers (West End cast) – ‘Candy Store’ audio

Hot Milk – California’s Burning

They are back! Hot Milk’s latest single is an absolute barn burner of a track. However, its content hits hard by focusing on the very real, very awful problems facing the USA. I’m not qualified or knowledgeable enough to talk in-depth about these controversial topics; I have my own, very strong opinions on gun laws, and the abhorrent treatment of LGBTQ+ people in our society, but this post is not the right setting for that. In saying that, go and listen. 

Hot Milk – ‘California’s Burning’ video

Asking Alexandria – Antisocialist

I really like AA’s recent outings – now that is a controversial statement to make in the music sphere. Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of screams and ridiculously rough vocals, which defines AA’s earlier metalcore days. Their fanbase hasn’t reacted amazingly to their new direction, but I’m certainly on-board this album and its fantastically catchy riffs and hooks. ‘Antisocialist’ stands out as a particular favourite of mine, with some very relatable lyrics (sometimes).

Asking Alexandria – ‘Antisocialist’ video

Within Temptation – The Reckoning

Admittedly, a lot of my music taste stems from my interests in wrestling. I have heard about Within Temptation before, many moons ago, but just hadn’t given them a shot. That is until ‘The Reckoning’ was used as a featured song in the Undertaker’s retirement tribute video. So, you can now consider me hooked on Within Temptation! It does seem thatI have a soft spot for Dutch synphonic metal and rock – who’d of thought it?

Within Temptation – ‘The Reckoning’ video

Paramore – This Circle

Finally this month we have an absolute throwback; a throwback that I didn’t even know existed until this week. Fifteen years have now passed since Paramore’s debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ stormed into our lives. One year later, in 2006, the group released ‘The Summer Tic EP’, sold exclusively during that year’s Warped Your. Naturally, those tracks have made it to the Internet now for the world to cherish and enjoy.

Carrying the same vibes and tones as the album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ does, ‘This Circle’ is an awesome throwback to a very unique and classic sounding Paramore that we all know and love. 

Paramore – ‘This Circle’ audio

That rounds out my top tracks of this month. If you think this month’s picks were varied, just wait until August’s come along – I can see it being wild and weird already!