Something, Something, Valentine’s Day

Something, Something, Valentine’s Day

Once again, the 14th day of February is upon us.

Previously I’ve always felt some form of disgust towards this day’s festivities. In lieu of the idea of love and sharing fabulous memories, there’s a forced sense of commercialised culture towards being pressured to spend money on this one particular day of the year for your loved one, raising levels of expectations way beyond the usual, which completely takes the fun out of the spontaneous fashion of doing things together. In my experience random date nights are always much better in comparison to sitting in a restaurant, where a man will inevitably stare blank faced at a restricted, slightly more expensive ‘love’ themed menu.

Though, maybe I’m just a cynical old asshat who, on occasion, needs to take his head out of the sand and smell the fresh sea air. Maybe the whole Valentine’s Day ordeal isn’t as bad as I imagined it to be many moons ago – the only downside I’ve ever had personally from my experiences was sitting in a full cinema screening of Fifty Shades Darker. I mean, the film was completely fine, but the ‘atmosphere’ and audience were certainly a different story altogether: cleanse the unclean!

On that note, now you’ve got that mental image stuck in your head, whatever you’re doing this evening whether you’re alone or not, stay safe, and never ever be Fake Happy (Psst! It’s a link to a really good song!)…

Coming soon to this randomness:

My season of Marvel – looking back at the past ten years of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as the countdown to Infinity War begins…

February Favourites – turns out I’ve consumed a lot of media this month, who’d of guessed it? Cherry picking the best bits to dazzle your imagination with.

BRIT Award Predictions – The amateur hour has begun!

Stay tuned!

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