A Brand New Start

A Brand New Start

Getting older and realising the world is never what it seems brings some hard truths that you can’t really prepare for. You start to realise that the world is cruel sometimes: that although some people do change, there are those who never will; people are always unpredictable. But, I think, more importantly you start to learn that the world will not hand you anything on a plate. Nothing comes to you for free, for there is always some form of price to pay.

Yet, there are so many amazing things to see, do, and feel in this life and the best of them take almost nothing to make a reality: a compliment takes nothing but a thought, courtesy is nothing but a little bit of compassion. To make other people feel valued is one of the most rewarding things I think a person can do. 2017 was a year of feelings and emotions, for reasons I can never quite explain. Yet, it was the year where I first learned to appreciate other people, and the impact they have on your life, and you on theirs. To make your friends feel good, valued: that’s a feeling worth more than any gift you could ever give.

2018 is where that fire will continue to burn bright. That’s my promise to myself. To rekindle friendships with those who you inevitable fall away from, because they never really leave you. Hogmanay proved that. Seeing so many people that you thought you’d lost to the passage of time, but were so glad to see you was just magical, and that’s something I won’t forget. And I intend to keep my promise to message them; to catch up, because they are and always will be my friends.

I’m a big believer in the idea that ‘you are who you surround yourself with’, and I like my choices.

Be kind to each other, this year and the next.

As always, I’m never entirely sure where my train of thought will lead. My posts may always seem random, but I do like to express my feelings, and this is how I do it. The resurrection of Jake begins today.

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