Violet Ink

Violet Ink

Violet Ink was one of the first posts on the original blog, but its content remains as relevant as ever to what I’m trying to accomplish with my side project.

So, I’m sick of ‘reboots’ and ‘rehashes’. I’ve tried so many times to keep my projects updated and fresh. But, as hard as I try, it’s damn near impossible. Creatively, I know I’m not fantastic, though I do try my best to be compelling and engaging. Perhaps I should attempt to gather more life experiences; that’s always a good thing to do! I’m getting better at it, being sociable, that is. Yet, I can be better.

This is where I need to step up and challenge myself. Somewhere, somehow, I know I have some creativity hidden away inside of me. I need to find out two things: where it is, and how to utilise it. Heck, I have the ‘equipment’ needed (pen, paper, Internet, camera; those things). It’s beyond time to put two and two together, make four, and then push it up a notch to make it a solid five out of ten. I know I’m not an engineering genius, or a gifted Chemist: I don’t really know what I’m good at, or how I want to find out, but there must be something that I haven’t found yet. That’s the advantage of being young; you always have time to find out what you’re good at, or, so I’m told, before you’re whisked away to the world of being old.

We all have tools. The Internet has put them into our hands. Social media, video and image sharing, blogging: they’re all there for us to attempt to better ourselves, and hopefully I’ll learn how to be better at numerous things, including how to be better at being myself; more engaging, more thoughtful, and never being afraid.

A fun fact for you: this post (before being typed up and uploaded) is being handwritten, as usual, but this time, in the nicest violet ink I’ve found so far. Isn’t calligraphy good!

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